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Alternative Treatment
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A standard pattern of addiction treatment takes the patient through initial detox, then on to inpatient or outpatient treatment. The cornerstones of those treatment types are individual mental health and substance abuse counseling, group activities, peer meetings and possibly medical symptom management where appropriate.

Alternative treatment do not take away from this effective core, but they add newer and more experimental activities that have consistently shown good results. They tend to employ artistic forms of expression, or emphasize caring for an animal. Some even use advanced technologies like biofeedback. These are not techniques that are meant to be used in isolation to treat addiction, but are meant to complement a standard program of treatment.

If you or someone you know is interested in trying these forms of therapy, you’ll be happy to hear that many licensed and certified addiction treatment centers in Texas now offer them.

How Alternative Treatment Benefits Recovery

Standard treatment is key, but for the patient it can turn into a repetitive grind, especially if it takes months to complete. Mixing in alternative therapies really helps to alleviate the tedium of the routine and give the patient something to look forward to during their sessions.

But even more than that, it has shown good results in connecting addicts back to the world at large again and helping them re-learn how to communicate and to empathize with others. Addiction tends to be very socially isolating, and addicts often lose their outlets for expression when they are in the grips of it. Teaching a form of art or music therapy, for example, gives the patient an entirely new outlet for expression that can be extremely therapeutic.

By and large, alternative therapies are not as scientifically well-studied as traditional forms of treatment. But they have a great deal of anecdotal support from the patients and facilities that have tried them. Not every facility in Texas offers every form of alternative therapy, but there are now many that offer a wide range of them. If there is a particular type of therapy you are interested in, it is very likely that someone in the state provides it.

Types of Alternative Addiction Treatment

These are just some of the alternative therapy options you can find in Texas.

Animal Therapy

Animal therapy teaches an addict to care for another living thing and fosters self-esteem and empathy. This can involve having a pet like a cat or a dog, but one very popular form is equine therapy, in which the patient makes trips to a stable to groom and care for a horse. It’s also possible for the patient to visit with other types of animals rather than keeping one if their living circumstances prohibit it.

Studies of animal care have shown that having a pet to care for tends to reduce risk of a number of types of illnesses and also helps to control blood pressure.

Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

Meditation is one of the few alternative therapies that currently has decades of scientific research backing up its effects. The main benefit of it is to help addicts control their thoughts, and thereby their impulses and cravings. It also helps to steer the mind away from negative patterns and into an ongoing state of positivity.

Mindfulness practice and meditation are well-researched and very widely implemented in treatment centers. In fact, it’s probably harder to find a treatment center that doesn’t offer this as an option than it is to find one that does! It’s something that requires no special equipment, very little practice and can be done anywhere. And the benefits continue for life.


Is Alternative Treatment Effective?

Many of those who have incorporated alternative therapies into their treatment program have reported very high satisfaction and tend to feel it boosts the effectiveness of their program. Why let addiction dictate your health and happiness or one more day? Get in touch with an addiction specialist today to learn more about these techniques.