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Austin Texas Addiction Treatment Centers
Drug Treatment Centers Texas

Austin Texas addiction treatment centers offer some important programs for people who are battling addictions to drugs and alcohol, and regardless of your age or substance abuse disorder, there is a program here to help. There are a variety of facilities in the city that can provide assistance on an outpatient or residential basis, but it is important to remember that getting past addiction will require a lifelong commitment. These facilities will share in your commitment to help you overcome your addiction, offering supportive services and aftercare that will help you to live of a life of sobriety as a productive member of society. By reviewing the available Austin Texas addiction treatment centers, you’ll have a chance to find the treatment program that is right for you.

Texas Substance Abuse Statistics

According to the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, as of 2000, approximately 16% of all adults in Texas had a problem with alcohol, compared to 5% who had a drug problem. From this information, it is clear that the primary drug abused in Texas is alcohol. In 2013, 28% of all patients who were admitted to government funded treatment programs in the state had a primary problem with alcohol.

Unfortunately, teenaged alcohol abuse is especially concerning in the state. As of 2012, 58% of Texas secondary school students (grades 7-12) had reported to using alcohol. Heavy alcohol consumption, otherwise known as binge drinking, is especially concerning in the state, and 12% of those students said that when they drank they would binge. According to the Texas Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, binge drinking is defined as drinking five or more drinks at one time, and it is often a precursor to future addiction issues.

In 2012, heroin was the primary drug of abuse for about 13% of people who sought treatment for a substance abuse problem. Most of these addicts injected the drug, but the proportion that inhaled heroin increased from 4% of all heroin admissions in 1996 to about 18% in 2012.While the amount of people who inhale heroin was relatively small, the lag time between first use and seeking treatment was shorter than the injected period at 8 years versus 12 years.

Another factor that needs to be considered when examining heroin abuse in Texas is the prevalence of prescription drug abuse. Many people who are addicted to heroin first start off abusing prescription painkillers before moving on to the less expensive and more potent heroin. According to the Council on Recovery, one out of six teens in Texas reported to abusing or misusing a prescription drug in the past year. Likewise, about 9 out of every 100,000 Texas residents died as a result of prescription drug overdoses during 2012, most of which were caused by abuse of prescription medications that were obtained illegally.


Accredited Austin Texas Addiction Treatment Centers

Austin residents who are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol need to have access to an effective and high-quality treatment center. Fortunately, several options exist in the area to help addicts to achieve a life of sobriety.

Texas Star Recovery

Texas Star Recovery offers a variety of care options to meet the needs of people at various stages of addiction recovery. Inpatient treatment provides participants with a safe place to recover from their addiction issues away from the stresses of everyday life. An intensive outpatient program is also available so that patients can receive addiction treatment while continuing to work and live in the community. Additionally, Texas Star Recovery offers a great aftercare program that offers weekly programming to provide guidance, structure, and support to participants.

The Right Step Austin

Located just a few miles away from the downtown area, The Right Step Austin drug and alcohol rehab program offers treatment on an outpatient basis. Participants are able to recover in a structured environment using the 12-step system of treatment.  In addition to the intensive outpatient treatment program, there is also a LGBT specific program as well as continuing care and aftercare services. This facility offers a variety of approaches and therapies to help participants recover, some of the most interesting of which include shame reduction, values clarification, stress management, and holistic programming.


Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program

The Austin Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program, also known as ADAAP, has been helping Austin area residents to escape chemical dependency since as far back as 1991. This makes it one of the oldest addiction treatment facilities in the Austin area. The basic rehab program offered by the facility is the intensive outpatient treatment program, which helps people who have experienced recurrent issues caused by drugs and alcohol. ADAAP also offers a relapse outpatient drug treatment program that is specifically design for people who have a history of relapsing in the middle of recovery.


Anchor West

The Anchor West program is designed for men who are battling drug addiction and alcoholism, and in addition to helping them recover from their substance abuse issues, it also teaches them how to live healthy and productive lives as responsible members of society. The program includes 90 days of residential treatment in a highly structured environment, and participants will enjoy living skill courses, a CrossFit fitness program, and a year of weekly aftercare programming. Clinical approaches include both individual and group therapy programming, and participants will be able to move forward with the help of a recovery mentor in a four-phase program that teaches accountability.


Find Help in Austin

While there are several rehab facilities in Texas that can help you to achieve recovery with inpatient or outpatient programs, you’ll need to continue on with your recovery after you complete rehab. If you are serious about your sobriety, you’ll continue on with your aftercare program and may begin a support group in order to connect with other recovering addicts. There are a variety of options in the area, especially Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. While you can find several programs directly in Austin, options are also available in the suburbs, including Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, Lakeway, and Dripping Springs.

About Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital city in Texas, and it is home to approximately 913,000 people. It is the second largest state capital in the U.S., only trailing Phoenix. Located in Central Texas, Austin is the most southerly of the U.S. capitals in the contiguous 48 states, and it is situated on the Colorado River. Austin is a great place to pursue addiction treatment because of its educational, employment, and cultural opportunities. The University of Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University, and Austin Community College are located here. Additionally, as a major cultural hub of the state, there are plenty of sober things to see and do, including live music, performances at the Zachary Scott Theatre Center or Vortex Repertory Company, and museums like the Austin Museum of Art and the Texas Memorial Museum.

If you are suffering from an addiction issue, isn’t it time that you finally got help and turned your life around? You don’t have to be a slave to substance abuse any longer. Contact an addiction specialist today and find an addiction treatment center that caters to your individual needs.